Products & Services


We are specialized in Corundum, which we ethically seek rough stones directly from the mines all around the world to cut and polish by our most talented certified staffs in Thailand with the clarity of eye clean and Loupe clean quality.  

Hearts & Arrows

Our newest addition to the products. We spent years in R&D to produce Hearts & Arrows cutting with our gemstones to perfection.

This cutting is often used in fine jewelry, diamond or as a center stone. 


Additional Services



We create a system that matches with the customer’s need, which gives an advantage to jewelry designers and stone setters to perform an easier task. We call it the Color Chart.



Our team work precisely putting the gemstones together to create and bring your designs come to life. For our customer’s convenience, we carefully assemble your made-to-order masterpiece, piece by piece, then deliver the final layout. We export worldwide.